pitchmedia credentials

MEETING OUR CLIENT'S BUSINESS GOALS AND SETTING A FEW OF OUR OWN... Pitchmedia is a full-service public relations and digital communications firm. Its founder and president, Kiki Vassoler, started her career in news working for Z100 Radio, NBC, ABC, & FOX5 television and is a current member of the Writers Guild of America, East. Transitioning from television to telecommunications, Ms. Vassoler negotiated and oversaw the contract for an $80 million dollar cable television sale, resulting in $1.8 million for her client, the City of Newark. Prior to starting Pitchmedia, Ms. Vassoler worked for several public relations agencies.

OUR OBJECTIVES ARE SIMPLE: TO BRING QUALITY ONLINE AND OFFLINE MEDIA COVERAGE... One of Kiki Vassoler's most notable media campaigns includes pitching a financial insurance company's international project, spanning 15 countries, 34,000 employees and over 900 events held on one day.

OUR MEDIA CAMPAIGNS ARE COMPLEX, THOUGHT-PROVOKING AND VISIONARY... Creating an interactive online event during the G-20 Economic Summit for an international audience, Pitchmedia utilized multiple media platforms for a not-for-profit client based in Africa and the United States.

YOU CAN SAY WE LIKE TO MIX IT UP A BIT... Our team blends audacity with experience and insight. Our reach is international, national and local. Our results will transform your business.